Jurisdiction Objects

Jurisdiction objects have the following fields:

Basic Details

name (string)
Name of jurisdiction (e.g. North Carolina General Assembly) (required)
url (string)
URL pointing to jurisdiction’s website. (required)
classification (string)

A jurisdiction category. (required)

Allowed values:
  • government
  • legislature
  • executive
  • school_system
  • transit_authority
legislative_sessions (object)

Dictionary describing sessions, each key is a session slug that must also appear in one sessions list in terms. Values consist of several fields giving more detail about the session. (required)

Each element in session_details is an object with the following keys:

name (string)
Name of session, typically a year span like 2011-2012. (required)
identifier (string)
Identifier of session. (required)
classification (string)
Type of session: primary or special.
start_date (datetime)
Start date of session.
end_date (datetime)
End date of session.

Additional Metadata

feature_flags (array)

A way to mark certain features as available on a per-jurisdiction basis. (required, minItems: 0)

Each element in feature_flags is of type (string)

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